Welcome to Noor Alandalus


We are supplier food and non-food items registered in
Dubai, UAE under DMCC license no. 770589.
We supply all kinds of top-quality products from poultry,
meat, fish,grains, canned goods, cooking oils, chocolates,
cleaning items & garments at a very competitive price.
O u r v i s i o n
is to bring you only selected premium products from the
best producers around the world with an assurance of
timely delivery with freshness and flavour intact.
O u r M i s s i o n
is to help our customers meet their needs on time, at the
most competitive prices and quality products. To enhance
and integrate our product sourcing, distribution, delivery
and improve efficiency to serve our customers better.



Discover our wide variety of meat products, each of
which can help you make running your food service
operation simpler and smoother.
We provide consistent and reliable products to meet
your needs, from basic raw, ground meats and
pre-shaped patties, to custom-cut steaks and roasts.


Offering you the quality and the choices you want,
the moment you need them, you can explore our
wide variety of chilled or Frozen poultry products.
Selected to make running your food service
operation simpler and smoother,
we strive to continually provide consistent and
reliable products to meet your needs.

Products from under the sea


Healthy oceans and abundant fish and shellfish
populations are not simply the first step in our
seafood supply chain--they are the foundation of
our entire seafood program. Our suppliers know
where and how each species is caught, how their
fisheries are managed, and are committed to maintaining
abundant fish stocks.and will respond to
scientific data by adjusting harvest levels quickly
and effectively.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution." 

—  Will A. Foster.